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Casa Re wines are among the classics in Piedmont

We work as close to nature as possible, mainly with typical Piedmontese grape varieties, which have become the classics of Piedmont in a sometimes century-long history and development.

From this we produce typical wines that reflect the respective wine-growing year very honestly. The weather is not the same every year. The soils and geographical location remain the same. We find it exciting when the different years become recognizable, the wines show themselves in a slightly different way. With the claim to be clean and ready to drink, always suitable for occasion and food – that means drinking fun for us!

Casa Re wines have character

We like to present wines that have a specific character according to each year. We accompany our vines at any time of the year and appreciate the soil as a basis for growth, taste and finally the wine. Just as man develops according to his life path, so the wine is allowed to develop and mature, only through his own character it becomes unique.

Overview of our products