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The Winery

The winery

We are a small, fine winery on the edge of the Langhe/Monferrato in Piedmont. Growing wine in the most natural way is a matter close to our hearts. It is the earth, the soil that carries us and the vines and allows us to flourish. We pay attention to the soil, so we allow flowers to grow between the rows of vines again. Those are tillered with predominantly typical, Piedmontese grape varieties, which have become the world’s legendary classics of Piedmont in a centenary of history and development.

From this we produce varietal or plant-typical wines such as Barbera, Moscato, Brachetto, Dolcetto … (See our wine brochure), which honestly reflect the respective winemaking year. The weather is not the same every year. The vines, the soils and the geographical location remain the same. We find it exciting when the different years become recognizable, the wines show different ways and have their character! With the aim of being pure and ready to drink, always on occasion and matching the food, in a convivial round or in an elegant ambience – what counts is true drinking pleasure.

The Piedmontese cuisine has a lot to offer and we see the wine production in a holistic way. Life in and with nature is also reflected in successful combinations of wine and food, whether it is the unique Piedmontese hazelnut or the original goat Robiola, the countless antipasty varieties, the well-known truffle or the Versatiy rice creations! It is important to us to offer the guest and customers an experience with the wine. You can enjoy this with us at Casa Re and in various restaurants that offer our wines. In addition, we can make special dining recommendations at any time.

Weinerzeugung in der Casa Re in Montabone im Piemont.